Essay Writing Basics and Assignment Help Expository Essay writing format

Expository writing is a type of writing that is used to explain, describe, define and clarify. The content is arranged around a topic in such way to expose text according to a specific model or conjunction of such models. There is no presumption of the reader’s knowledge or understanding of the main idea that is being exposed. So the clarity demands a precise arrangement of the essay. One of the most important things to develop the exposition of the essay is to improve the organization of the content. The following models are common in expository essay writing.


This type of organization explains the meaning of a word, phrase, or an idea by listing features, characteristics, and examples. The topic can be any subject such as a parson or situation; a certain object such as an animal, plant, place or other thing; or an abstract term such as freedom, fear or happiness. This type of essay should discuss the word’s meaning as well as its implication, revealing the details. The foundation of this format is the topic itself. The writer might use a descriptive model to highlight the features and characteristics of a topic. Cue words: for example, the features are, although, at the same time, even so, after all, in fact, in other words, accordingly, after all, etc.

Example of Descriptive Writing

The domestic cats are beautiful, graceful and lazy creations. They are spending most of their time indoor growing fat. Although they are too picky about what they are eating and sometimes they could give a hard time to owners when there is no favorite food available. At the same time the home cats may be very picky about visitors. They might be friendly with some people as well as rejecting the others. Sometimes they become really mischievous and may climb on everything knocking stuff off the counters. Evan so, when they are purring and looking with that cattish glances stretching at the sofa, there could not be a bed word for them.


Classification essay breaks down a general subject into categories and then divides further by classification criteria that fit into each category. This type of expository essay organization begins with the most general category and then defines and gives examples of each specific group. The common transitions used while classifying are the first kind / type / group, the second kind / type / group, the third kind / type / group.

Example of Classification Writing

There are three types of domestic cats: indoor, outdoor and indoor outdoor domestic cats. The indoor cats are usually overweight because of regular feeding and lack of exercise. They are lazy and fat and the owners take a good care about them. The second group is outdoor cats that are usually looking scraggy. That is because they have to work and hunt their food all day long. Also there is not much time remains for cleaning. So they are dirty and fool of fleas. The next group of domestic cats is the indoor-outdoor cats the beast group. It takes benefits both mentioned above groups. There is no need for searching for a food and they are free to go outside for their exercises.


Compare and contrast essay shows the similarities and differences between two or more people, places, events or things. Comparison describes how things are alike and contrast explains how they are different. The transition words are different, in contrast, on the other hand, alike, same as, and so on.

Example of Compare/Contrast Writing

The indoor and outdoor domestic cats are similar in many ways. When they are clean and calm, sitting next to each other, there might be confusion with identification. The differences are made by their lifestyle. Indoor cats are healthier and cleaner, they visit a veterinarian. In contrast, the outdoor cats dirty and often get injured in street fights or by car hitting. The indoors are lazy and sleepy all the daylong when the outdoors are awaken most the time while looking for a food. The first cats eat often and plenty, that is why they become big and fatty. The others are skinny because of irregular feeding and their usual hunting and fighting exercises. Even the pretty similarity which is exist with these cats they still much different.

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Cause and effect

Cause and effect essay focuses on the relationship between two or more aspects or situations. It explains how things affect each other and depend on each other. The writer identifies a clear relationship between subjects. This model could be presented as a cause essay concentrated on why things happen and/or as an effect essay focused on what happens as a result of specific circumstances. The cue words are because, since, for, so, due to, as a result, consequently, thus, hence, resulted in, and so on.

Example of Cause/Effect Writing

What cause of cats obesity? In nature, food consumption has never been so easy for any predator that the cat is. It has always been attended by physical exercises. Nowadays that unnatural situation of food excess leads to a lack of physical activities and the regular overeating. The other cause is the cat’s food nutrition which has too much calories and has a high absorbing ability. So the domestic cats consume more calories than they burn as fuel for energy which leads to overweight and in its turn to obesity.

Sequence or Process

Process essay lists items or events in numerical or chronological order. It explains a procedure, step-by-step process or how to do something with the main idea to instruct the reader. That is why it also called How to essay. The transitions are first, second, third, next, then, finally, moreover, in addition to this, however, in spite of this, on the other hand, in conclusion, and so on.

Example of Process Writing

Bathing the house cat can be one of the most highly complex and even dangerous thing to do. There are some guidelines for first-timers to follow. Begin with preparation of the place, clear the bathroom of all objects that the cat can reach, fill the tube with worm water, put appropriate close on you. Then lock yourself in the bathroom with the cat. Take him by the back of his neck and place in the tub. When the cat becomes wet, rub his fur with the soap or shampoo. Do not lose the back of his neck and keep his legs away from you. Rinse excess soap then empty the tub and use a towel to dry the fur. Finally remove the residue of water with the hairdryer.


Problem/Solution essay declares a problem and gives one or more solutions for the problem. It could be presented as a question-and-answer format that formulates a question and then suggests the answers. The cue words for that model are the problem is, puzzle is solved, therefore, question answer, nonetheless, consequently, in addition, for this reason, in conclusion, and so on.

Example of Problem/Solution Writing

Scratching is a natural behavior for cats but can brings a real damage. By scratching the house cats mark their territory, exercise and simply enjoy. There could not be the other solution except the following. Provide your cat with an appropriate scratching post and train him to prefer the post. Trimming your cat’s nails could solve the problem as well. And protect your furniture with a cat Scratch Guards. All this precautionary measures will save your furniture and your nerves.

Check through all the formats before you finally settle on the one. However, the details of this organization, like the contents of the essay, are best left to the individual author. The important thing is to stay focused on your topic and hold on to the facts.